Meet the Staff


Carly Baumgartner

Carly is the General Manager of 94.3 The Fortress. She is from Bluffton, Indiana. When Carly’s not on air you can find her writing, traveling, painting, and wearing soft sweaters. Tune in to Carly on Mondays from 10-11 and Thursdays from 2-3. 



Arielle mclaurin

Arielle is the Production Director for The Fortress. She is from Indianapolis, Indiana and enjoys listening to Kirk Franklin. She is very funny, outgoing, and loves talking to people.  


Kristen combs

Kristen is the Music Director for 94.3 The Fortress. She is from Jamestown, Ohio and enjoys listening to Francesca Battistelli. Kristen loves to read, play sports, cook, and enjoy nature. Listen to Kristen on The Fortress Wednesdays and Fridays from 10-11 am.


kayla ruchti

Kayla is the Promotions Manager for The Fortress. She is from Gurnee, Illinois. She enjoys snorkeling and hiking and her friends describe her as spunky, motivated, and joyful. Catch Kayla on air on Mondays from 6-8, Tuesdays from 4:30-6, and Fridays from 6-10


courtney hallett

Courtney is the News Director for The Fortress. Her hometown is in Brockville, Ontario, Canada and enjoys listening to Danny Gokey. Courtney is expressive, outgoing, clumsy, talkative, and excited! Tune into Courtney on air Sunday from 5-7 and Monday from 11-4


Mesha McClary

Mesha is from Martinsville, Indiana and loves bubble tea. She is introverted, artsy, funny, adventurous, and a perfectionist and her favorite artist featured on The Fortress is Hillsong. Listen to Mesha on air Mondays from 1-2, and Sunday from 2-3.


Shelby Robbins

Shelby is from Rockville, Indiana and enjoys listening to for King and Country. She is out-going, friendly, and ambitious. Her friends and coffee keep her going on a long day. Tune in to The Fortress  Tuesdays 11-12 and 2-3 to hear Shelby on air!



Olivia canestraro

Olivia is from Dublin, Ohio and likes listening to NeedToBreathe. She also enjoys exercising, spending time outside, and socializing. Listen to Olivia on The Fortress on Monday 2-3, and Wednesday 2-4.


Mariah Woeste

Mariah is from Cincinnati, Ohio and likes work out, spend time with friends, shop, and drink coffee. She also enjoys listening to Britt Nicole when she isn't on air. Listen to Mariah on Tuesdays from 9-11. 


Morgan Keller

Morgan is from Evansville, Indiana and enjoys listening to Mandisa and Jasmine Murray. In her spare time, she loves to do archery, read, create glass art. You can listen to Morgan on Wednesday and Friday from 12-2.


Daniel Mcmurray

Daniel is from Marion, Indiana and enjoys listening to all types of music. His favorite Fortress artist is Switchfoot. Listen to Daniel Tuesday and Thursday from 12-2


Cody buckler

Cody is from Sweetser, Indiana. When he’s not on air, he likes to do voice over work. He describes him self as, “the chillest guy you’ll ever meet,” and is studying media communication. Listen to Cody Friday and Saturday from 4-5.


Hunter george

Hunter is from Rochester, NY. He enjoys watching movies, acting, and listening to Rend Collective. He is goofy, fun, caring, crazy, and laid-back. Listen to Hunter on Sundays from 3-5pm


Mikayla Woodfork

Mikala is from Aurora, Illinois. She is a creative person who loves music just as much as she likes food. She often listens to Tasha Cobbs. You can hear Mikala on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 and Thursdays from 3-5pm. 


Logan Fulton

Logan is from Baltimore, Maryland. She loves french fries and listening to Lauren Daigle. You can hear Logan on Thursdays from 8pm-12am.


Silas Weghorst

Silas is from Auburn, Indiana. He thinks he pretty funny and enjoys listening to DC Talk. You can hear Silas on Mondays and Fridays from 10pm-12am


Allie redmond

Allie is from Concordia, KS. She loves listening to Tauren Wells and hiking on a clear day. Tune in to hear Allie on Sundays from 8-11pm


Brieanna Mcclose

Brie is from Gainesville, Indiana. She enjoys reading and writing fan fiction. Brien also listens to Tauren Wells. You can listen to Brie on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7pm, Fridays from 5-6pm, and Saturdays from 3-4