Meet the Staff

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Abby is the General Manager of 94.3 The Fortress. When Abby is not on air, she is usually daydreaming or planning her next adventure. You can listen to Abby on The Homestretch on Mondays from 4-6 or on Fortress Throwbacks on Thursdays from 6-8. 


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Jack Cummer

Jack is the Production Director at 94.3 The Fortress. He is from Carmel, Indiana and enjoys collecting vinyl–both new and old. Catch Jack on The Homestretch on both Wednesday and Thursday fro 4-6. He is also on Fortress Throwbacks on Thursdays from 6-8. 



Hunter George

Hunter is the Music Director at 94.3 The Fortress. He is from Rochester, New York and enjoys watching movies. You can hear Hunter on The Homestretch on Friday afternoons from 4-6. 


Katey Doreff

Katey is the Promotions Director at 94.3 The Fortress. She is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and she loves baking chocolate chip cookies in her spare time. You can hear Katey on The Homestretch on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 4-6. 

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Kyle Heinzman

Kyle is from Fishers, Indiana and loves listening to live music–especially NEEDTOBREATHE. You can listen to Kyle on The Homestretch on Wednesday afternoons from 4-6. 


David Horner

David is from Amboy, Indiana and is extremely passionate about all things radio. Listen in on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11-12 to hear from David. 


Arielle Mclaurin

Arielle is from Indianapolis, Indiana and enjoys listening to Kirk Franklin. She is very funny, outgoing, and loves talking to people. Catch Arielle on Tuesdays from 4-6, and on Soul Food on Wednesdays from 6-8. 



Kayla Ruchti

Kayla is from Gurnee, Illinois and likes listening to Rend Collective. She also enjoys snorkeling and hiking. Listen to Kayla on The Homestretch on Tuesdays from 4-6.


Nick Alvarez

Nick is from Darien, Illinois and likes listening to vinyl records and watching movies. He also often listens to Audio Adrenaline when he isn't on air. Listen to Nick on Mondays and Tuesdays from 1-3. 


Tatum Rice

Tatum is from Kalamazoo, Michigan and enjoys listening to Lauren Dangle. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and friends while being outdoors. You can listen to Tatum Monday and Tuesday evenings from 8-10pm. 


Daniel Mcmurray

Daniel is from Marion, Indiana and enjoys listening to all types of music. His favorite Fortress artist is Switchfoot. You can listen to Daniel on Wednesday and Friday from 1-3. 


Carly Baumgartner

Carly is from Bluffton, Indiana. She loves chocolate, coffee, and chocolate covered coffee beans. She also enjoys listening to Anthem Lights. You can listen to Carly on Tuesdays from 3-4 & 6-8 and Wednesdays from 3-4. 


Gloria Billingsley

Gloria is from St. Louis, Missouri. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and telling stories. She also listens to the Newsboys. You can listen to Gloria on Sundays and Mondays from 6-8. 


Mikayla Woodfork

Mikala is from Aurora, Illinois. She is a creative person who loves music just as much as she likes food. She often listens to Tasha Cobbs. You can hear Mikala on Monday evenings from 10pm to 12am and Wednesdays from 6-8pm. 


Logan Fulton

Logan is from Baltimore, Maryland. She loves french fries and listening to Lauren Daigle. You can hear Logan on Sundays from 8-10pm and Fridays from 6-8pm. 


Silas Weghorst

Silas is from Auburn, Indiana. He thinks he pretty funny and enjoys listening to DC Talk. You can hear Silas on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-1pm. 

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Abigail Rutt

Abigail is from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. She loves listening to Matt Mahr and playing volleyball. Tune in on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 10-11, as well as on Mondays from 3-4


Carson King

Carson is from Marion, Indiana. He loves listening to 21 Pilots and many other Christian artists. You can hear Carson on Fridays & Sundays from 10pm-12pm. 

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Dakota Nelson

Dakota is from Columbia City, Indiana. He loves playing rugby and listening to Skillet. Catch Dakota on air every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10-12.


Hannah Bird

Hannah is from Indianapolis, Indiana. She loves Cheese-Its and listening to Lauren Daigle. Listen to Hannah on Mondays & Fridays from 12-1pm. 

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Landon miller

Landon is from Millersburg, Indiana. Landon enjoys running long distances and listening to Christian rap music. You can catch Landon on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8-10pm. 


Courtney Hallett

Courtney’s hometown is in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. One of her favorite bands is NEEDTOBREATHE and her favorite animal is an elephant. Tune in to hear Courtney every Sunday from 4-6pm.


Austin HENDRicks

Austin is from Marion, Indiana. He loves this city and is a proud to call Marion home. Austin also loves Twenty-One Pilots. Tune in on Sunday mornings from 10-11 to here Austin.

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Casi Wehrle

Casi is from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She loves adventures and listening to Hillsong. Listen to Casi on Sundays from 2-4. 


Savannah Buckley

Savannah is from Niantic, Connecticut. Savannah enjoys eating pasta and playing with her cats. Listen to Savannah on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10-11. 

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Kristen Combs

Kristen is from Jamestown, Ohio. She loves her family, food, and going on adventures. She enjoys listening to Tenth Avenue North. Listen to Kristen on Wednesdays from 10-11pm & Thursdays from 2-3pm. 

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Elizabeth Miner

Elizabeth is from Van Buren, Indiana. She enjoys going to theatrical performances and listening to Britt Nicole. 

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Caitlin Gaddis

Caitlin is from Knoxville, Tennessee. She loves coffee and has recently started a mug collection. She enjoys listening to Lauren Daigle. Listen to Caitlin on Wednesdays from 11pm-12am & Friday from 11am-12pm. 


Brieanna Mcclose

Brie rns from Gainesville, Indiana. She enjoys reading and writing fan fiction. Brien also listens to Tauren Wells. You can listen to Brie on Saturday afternoons from 2-5.